Name: ABEC Certificate Program Application Fee  
Quantity Available: Yes
Description: Once applicants have been accepted into the program, they will receive a 20% discount on related activates (webinars, conferences, short courses).

The requirements for completion are as follows:

  • Attend one CSE Annual Meeting (in USA) and two ABEC Meetings (ENEC and/or WEC, both in Brazil). Full registration for each conference is required.
  • Attend three CSE Webinars. At least two must be live and one may be recorded.
  • Attend two CSE Short Courses chosen between the ones offered at CSE Annual Meeting (USA) or the Minicursos ProCPC offered at ABEC Annual Meeting (Brazil). Available courses include the Short Course on Journal Metrics; Short Course on Ethics; Short Course on Publication Management; and Short Course for Journal Editors.

After all attendance requirements are completed, the enrollee will propose a research project and prepare and deliver a poster presentation at a CSE Annual Meeting or ABEC Annual Meeting or write a Feature Article for Science Editor, the journal of CSE (or both). Projects are peer-reviewed and approved by the CSE Certificate Program Committee. The project must include concepts learned throughout the certification program and address an emerging issue in scholarly publishing. Once the committee approves the project, and the enrollee has presented the poster or published the Feature Article, he or she has successfully completed the program.

Note: Once the final project is approved by the CSE committee, the poster can be presented either at the CSE Annual Meeting or the ABEC Annual Meeting (ENEC and/or WEC). Regardless of the location, the poster must be in English. If the enrollee prefers to submit a paper to Science Editor, the manuscript must be in English and will be subject to the normal peer- review process of the journal. Acceptance in Science Editor is not required for successful completion.

Price: $75.00