AAPB Committees

Volunteer for an AAPB Committee and help shape YOUR profession!

By participating on a committee you will not only help increase public awareness of biofeedback but you will benefit from the knowledge and experience gained from volunteering. Not to mention it is a fun opportunity to network with your colleagues and acquire new business contacts.

To volunteer for a committee simply fill out the committee interest form and return to AAPB either by email at aapb@resourcenter.com or fax at (303) 422-8894.

Join us in the enthusiasm being created by our engaged committee volunteers.


AAPB Board of Directors The membership elects the board of directors and delegates to the board responsibility for AAPB operations. The activities of all AAPB officers, committees, and representatives are subject to the ultimate authority of the board. All important questions of policy and all requests for expenditure of AAPB funds require approval by the board, either by specific action or by the annual budgeting mechanism.
AAPB Communications - Journal Edit and oversee production of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
AAPB Communications - Magazine Edit and oversee production of Biofeedback magazine
AAPB Communications - Web Site Oversee improvements to and optimization of the AAPB website
AAPB Education Committee The Education Committee insures that the continuing education needs of the membership are met, a) by interfacing with the Program Committee or with other appropriate committees, and b) by providing educational programs other than the annual conference including but not limited to teleseminars and workshops. The committee organizes and arranges the Fall Workshop, Spring Workshops in conjunction with the Annual Conference and other programs and seminars as appropriate.
AAPB Legislative and Insurance Committee The Insurance/Legislative Committee's responsibilities are to monitor and/or oversee the monitoring of all Federal rules, regulations and legislation, which affect applied psychophysiology and biofeedback; to recommend legislation and rules and regulations, which protect the interests of both the public and the biofeedback community; to inform the Board of legislative issues and recommend appropriate action; and to fulfill any duties related to legislation as directed by the Board. In addition, the Committee shall monitor developments in the health insurance industry; advise the Board of issues regarding health insurance as they relate to practice in applied psychophysiology and biofeedback; and promote insurance coverage for applied psychophysiology and biofeedback as directed by the Board.
AAPB Membership Committee Establish and review membership criteria and policies; develop new member promotions.
AAPB Program Planning Committee Plans and coordinates the Annual Conference
AAPB Research Committee To identify gaps in research and promote the development and use of new research in the biofeedback community.
AAPB University Outreach Task Force To develop strategies for increasing the inclusion of biofeedback in college curricula