Name: The Neurofeedback Book The Neurofeedback Book
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Description: This is the best selling book outlining the principles, mechanisms and applications of neurofeedback. The book begins with basic science dealing with the definitions of biofeedback and neurofeedback plus a detailed discussion of EEG. There is detailed coverage of the terminology germane to the EEG literature. The majority of the material one would need to prepare for certification in EEG biofeedback is contained in this volume.Excellent illustrations in color and black and white illustrate different types of EEG phenomena.including topographic brain maps. A wealth of clinical information dealing with common disorders currently treated with neurofeedback. The book includes a detailed list of references and nearly 300 practice questions for the BCIA exam in neurofeedback. This is a primer for potential certificants and an excellent review for the seasoned practitioner as well as an excellent university text for an introductory course in psychophysiology and behavioral medicine.
By Michael Thompson and Lynda Thompson.
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