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Functional Neuroanatomy - Paperbook

Functional Neuroanatomy - Paperbook


Functional Neuroanatomy
By Michael Thompson, MD and Lynda Thompson, PhD

Organized with reference to networks, lobes of the brain,10-20 sites and Brodmann areas, this 137-page monograph features over 100 plates/illustrations and comprises all new information as published in The Neurofeedback Book: 2nd Edition.

Praise for Functional Neuroanatomy...

This review book on Functional Neuroanatomy is urgently needed and helps educate both qEEG users as well as EEG Neurofeedback practitioners. It advances the ability to link symptoms to dysregulated brain networks resulting in improved clinical outcomes in fewer sessions. Congratulations to the authors for this significant contribution!
- Robert W. Thatcher, PhD, Applied Neuroscience Inc.

It is refreshing to experience a neuroanatomy text that links in detail the various and complex functions of each Brodmann area with the anatomy of its connections with other brain areas.
- Joel F. Lubar, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Tennessee

copyright ADD Centres Ltd. / Biofeedback Institute of Toronto; 2015, Dr. Thompson

ISBN-13: 978-0-9842979-3-1

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Author(s): Thompson, Michael G.
Thompson, Lynda M.
Publisher(s): AAPB

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