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October 2008 - Vol 2, Number 4 Special Issue
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A Message from the President
Fall Meeting on Blast Injuries: TBI, PTSD, and Pain in Washington, DC
Chet Moritz, Ph.D. to Speak on Cortical Neuron Biofeedback at 2009 Annual Meeting
AAPB Focuses on Initiatives that Serve Member Interests and Strategic Themes
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A Message from the President
  by Aubrey Ewing, Ph.D.
There is much happening in the world of applied psychophysiology and biofeedback, so much so that we felt a "Special Edition" of our E-Newsletter was in order. This is my first opportunity as AAPB President to welcome our new members publicly. On behalf of the Board of Directors and your AAPB colleagues, welcome to the Association! Membership is the essence of who we are as an organization, and AAPB strives to be relevant to what you do in your daily professional lives. In this E-News you will read about some of AAPB's ongoing initiatives, which I hope will provide a glimpse of the value of your membership. I would like to know how you think we're doing, and to hear your ideas about how AAPB can better serve you and all of our stakeholders. We are also interested in knowing how you would like to be involved in your Association; committee participation, leadership, writing, and presenting at our Annual Meeting are all ways you can contribute. There are many opportunities for you to share your knowledge and energy. Please correspond with me
Aubrey Ewing, Ph.D.
President, AAPB 
Fall Meeting on Blast Injuries: TBI, PTSD, and Pain in Washington, DC
By now I hope you have heard about the AAPB Fall Conference, Blast Injuries: TBI, PTSD, and Pain, which will be held November 7-8 in Washington, D.C. As you will see in the conference literature, the faculty is world class and the content invaluable for all health care practitioners who work with traumatic brain injury (TBI), PTSD, and pain. The rates of TBI and PTSD appear to be significantly higher in veterans returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as compared to previous conflicts, with some 30% of those with combat-related injuries seen at Walter Reed Army Medical Center being admitted for TBI. Blast injuries are a significant cause of TBI and related problems.  I do hope you will consider joining us in Washington for this timely conference, and for some great networking and dialogue amongst professional colleagues.

Chet Moritz, Ph.D. to Speak on Cortical Neuron Biofeedback at 2009 Annual Meeting
Speaking of excellent opportunities for continuing education and networking, we have breaking news about the AAPB 40th Annual Conference, April 2-4, 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We learned today that Chet Moritz, Ph.D. of the University of Washington Department of Physiology & Biophysics, and principal investigator of the study, "Direct control of paralysed muscles by cortical neurons" published this July in Nature, has agreed to give our invited Presidential Lecture. As described on CNN, this research employed a classic biofeedback protocol to teach monkeys to recruit motor cortex neurons not previously associated with hand and wrist control in order to restore function in an anesthetically immobilized arm. This brain machine interface work represents the ultimate, and state of the science refinement of what we do as biofeedback practitioners. It holds great promise for the future development of treatment for paralysis resulting from spinal cord injury. 
The Annual Conference, entitled AAPB 2009: Forty Years of Promoting Whole Person Health, will feature a neurofeedback track with invited speaker, Jaime Pineda, Ph.D. of the UCLA Brain Research Institute speaking on the role of mirror neurons in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and QEEG and neurofeedback in the diagnosis and treatment of ASD. Renowned scientist, Dr. Rustum Roy, will also present a keynote address on the emerging science of energy medicine. I hope you will mark your calendars and plan to attend this excellent science meeting. We are also planning an evening of fun as can only be had in the high mountain west. More on this in a future E-News.
AAPB Focuses on Initiatives that Serve Member Interests and Strategic Themes
Finally, I'd like you to be aware of a number of important initiatives in which AAPB is currently involved. As you read about these, I hope you will see how they serve one or more of AAPB's strategic themes: science, education, professional support, and technology.
NIMH Grant for RCT Study of Neurofeedback Treatment of AD/HD
The announcement this summer of the award of an NIMH grant to Eugene Arnold, M.D., and Nicholas Lofthouse, Ph.D. at Ohio State University, to conduct a first of its kind large scale, randomized controlled study on neurofeedback treatment of ADHD signaled an opportunity for science to convincingly demonstrate the efficacy that smaller scale research has already shown. AAPB responded with an ad hoc Science Initiative Task Group, comprised of Joel Lubar, Ph.D. and ISNR President, John Nash, Ph.D. to offer consultation on the research project. The investigators enthusiastically accepted AAPB's offer to consult, and will utilize our experts for input on experimental design, subject selection, and research protocol.

Insurance Initiative Focuses on Coverage for Headache 
AAPB's Insurance Committee, Chaired by Ron Rosenthal, Ph.D., in conjunction with the Biofeedback Neurofeedback Alliance (BNA) is working on a proposal to CMS/Medicare to revise the National Coverage Determination (NCD) on biofeedback to cover treatment for headaches. The larger goal of the Insurance Initiative is to increase insurance coverage for biofeedback treatment of headache and other disorders.

University Initiative to Attract Student, Faculty Interest in BF/NF
We are pleased to announce that Connie Schrader, Ph.D. of the University of North Carolina at Asheville will Chair an AAPB and BNA joint project we are calling our University Initiative. This is an effort to attract new people to the science and practice of applied psychophysiology, general biofeedback, and neurofeedback, and to certification and association membership, through promoting the incorporation of AP/BF/NF related coursework into university curricula.
Welcome New Members!
We welcome the following individuals who have become new members of AAPB  since June, 2008.  We're delighted to have you join the premier international society for mind-body interactions in research, healthcare and education.  Thank you for joining the AAPB community. We hope to meet many of you at the Annual Meeting in Albuquerque.  
Eleni Bagourdi, Los Angeles, CA
Mary Beasley, Austin, TX
Renee Behinfar, Scottsdale, AZ
Megan Brent, Lawrence, KS
Jim Cahill, Carlsbad, CA
Bernardo Carbo, Davie, FL
Wendy Carmody, Lawrence, KS
Agatha Colbert, Portland, OR
John Davis, Hamilton, ON
Rami Elbadrawy, Fort Wayne, IN
Frances Engstrom, Mill Valley, CA
Kristine Falco, Sisters, OR
John Fisher, Northampton, MA
Mindy Fritz, Forney, TX
David Gaffney, Saginaw, MI
Leesa Haire, Silver City, NM
Ruby Igarashi, Aiea, HI
Cheryl Jewell, White Plains, NY 
Stanley Kisiel, Newington, CT
Barry Larson, Maplewood, MO 
Robert Longo, Lexington, NC
Linda Nerenberg, La Mesa, CA
Thom Pfeil, Galveston, TX
Thomas Portney, North Augusta, SC
Veronica Reis, San Diego, CA
Susan Rhodes, Fremont, CA
Ros Rodriguez, Plymouth, MI
Jesus Rosario, San Ramon, CA
Rebekah Runyon, Crestwood, KY
Andrea Russell, Tucson, AZ
Jeffrey Rutstein, West Windsor, NJ
David Schlichting, Minocqua, WI
Reid Schwartz, Chicago, IL
Philip Scott, Vacaville, CA
Clive Stephens, Canberra, ACT  
Kathy Tisko, Dallas, TX
Evelyn Treuil, Stroudsburg, PA
L.P.  Leandro Velasco, Huntsville, TX
Leslie Villelli, Sandpoint, ID
John Wade, Houston, TX
Deborah Wheelihan-Dasher, Petersburg, MI
Ann Wilson, Crystal Lake, IL
Vicki Wyatt, Oklahoma City, OK
Shandiz Zandi, Los Angeles, CA
Waldemar Zgurski, Bratkowice, Podkarpackie, Poland
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