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June, 2009
Volume 3, Issue 2

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Economic Stimulus?
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A Message from the President
John Arena
It is with great pleasure that I write my first newsletter as president of AAPB. I hope that I can do as outstanding a job as Aubrey Ewing has done. His intellect and organizational understanding, coupled with tireless work and dedication, has made my job much easier, as he has left AAPB in great shape-strategically, intellectually and financially. The latter is an extraordinary achievement, especially given the prevailing economic climate. As captain of the AAPB ship, I hope to chart as skillful a course as Aubrey has done.

During this presidency year, I plan on emphasizing a number of issues. First, I want to focus in on AAPB's financial state, and make sure that we continue to be solvent. Many of our hopes and aspirations for advancing applied psychophysiology techniques simply cannot be accomplished if we don't have the resources to disseminate the information and advocate for our members and their goals. I hope to work with the Membership Committee to expand our membership rolls, especially our student membership, because, although it is a truism, students really are our life-blood. Along those lines, the Academic Initiative, designed to increase applied psychophysiology's academic presence, is also vitally important. I want to continue to cement the relationship between AAPB, BCIA and ISNR. I especially want to re-forge the relationship between AAPB and its Chapters-State, Regional and International. (I'd like the Council of Chapters to be as vital as it was in the 1980's, when I first became a member of AAPB.) I'm going to work closely with Ron Rosenthal on building the Insurance Initiative. Moreover, I'd like to build on the incredible job that Aubrey has done, and continue to improve the website-both in form and content.

One of the perks of being AAPB president is getting to announce the winners of the AAPB election. As such, Carmen Russoniello has been selected president-elect, Chris Gilbert was chosen treasurer, and Gabe Tan and Alan Pope were elected to the AAPB Board. I also want to sincerely thank the individuals who were not elected for their willingness to be nominated and their devotion to AAPB. I am pleased to say that these individuals have all agreed to assist me and the AAPB Board in our quest to achieve the goals outlined above.

Finally, I am very pleased that Gabe Tan has agreed to be the chair of the 2010 Program Committee. Gabe is a fantastic educator, with wonderful organizational skills, who has a true love of biofeedback and applied psychophysiology, as witnessed by the outstanding program on Traumatic Brain Injury that he created for the 2008 Fall Workshop. I am sure that Gabe will do as great a job for San Diego. See you there!
John Arena, PhD

From the Past President

Aubrey Ewing
Dear Colleagues,

It was a distinct honor for me to preside over the AAPB 40th Annual Conference in Albuquerque this year. We enjoyed pertinent and cutting-edge science addressing a broad range of topics, great camaraderie, and good food and entertainment, all of which combined for an exceptional meeting. I extend my sincere thanks to the Program Committee and Chair, Howard Hall, our Board of Directors, the AAPB staff, BCIA, and all who attended for their contributions to making the Annual Conference a resounding success.
It is no coincidence that AAPB is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. You will recall that in 1969, Neil Miller published his seminal research that launched the field of biofeedback. It was also in that year that the Biofeedback Research Society, now AAPB, was founded.

We have thrived as an organization for 40 years because we represent a science that has much to offer toward the improvement of the human condition, and as an organization, we have tended to the needs of our constituents. But those needs are changing. If we are to survive another 40 years, I believe AAPB must be relevant to what our members do in their daily professional lives, and responsive to the needs of consumers and others who look to us as a resource for information and guidance. This is the basis of keeping our strategic plan alive, and making AAPB membership, and the Association valuable and relevant. Read More...
Economic Stimulus?
There May Be No Better Time to Maintain Your Professional Alliances!
Dave Stumph
 Times are tough! Earlier this year, the markets dipped to a 12-year low and while they seem to be stabilizing, for many of us, full economic recovery seems to be a distant reality.
As with everything in life, we have choices to make. We can choose to cry doom and gloom or we can do everything possible to improve the situation. While the markets may be low, interest in bio and neurofeedback is high. Pick up any newspaper or public media publications and you are likely to find an item on the subject. As the general public seeks solutions to their own healthcare needs, bio and neurofeedback have an important position to play in offering non-pharmacologic alternatives. Now is the time to seize the opportunity.
One of the most important things that you can do now is to maintain your professional alliances. There is no better time to be active in organizations like AAPB and BCIA. In doing so, you give yourself an edge. Just as your family is always there to support you, your professional family-your professional association-is there to provide a network of resources that can make the difference in support of your career. Read more...
2009 Conference Recap
If you missed the 2009 AAPB Annual Conference, you missed some of the highest rated educational sessions in several years. There were also wonderful social opportunities and great networking options throughout the event. Here is a brief photo tour to help whet your appetite for the 2010 conference in San Diego. View photos...
Call for Volunteers
Want to get involved in the inner workings of your professional association? Did you know that networking is the number one benefit cited by most members of AAPB? What better way to "kill two birds with one stone" than to volunteer to participate on an AAPB committee or other activity? By volunteering, you will have the opportunity to be involved in a way that provides meaningful support to your professional society and to network with peers.
 Here are a few of the areas where we need your help:

Annual Conference Committee, Chair: Dr. Gabriel Tan. Purpose:  To plan the educational content for the 2010 AAPB Annual Meeting, to be held March 24-27, 2010 at the Town & Country Hotel, San Diego, CA.

Education Committee, Chair: Dr. Sharon Langvardt. Purpose: To organize and arrange the following:
1.  Fall Workshop
2.  Spring Workshops in conjunction with the Annual Conference
3.  TeleSeminar series
4.  Other programs and seminars as appropriate

Membership Committee, Chair: Susan Antelis. Purpose: Establish and review membership criteria and policies; develop new member promotions; liaison with chapters, sections and divisions to actively recruit members; work with staff to improve member retention rate, and evaluate and identify member services.

University Outreach Task Force, Chair: Dr. Constance Schrader. Purpose: To develop strategies for increasing the inclusion of biofeedback in college and university curricula.
Abstract Reviewers: This activity is not directly associated with a committee. Reviewers will be asked to evaluate and score abstracts received as a result of a Call for Abstracts that will be initiated in the next few weeks. Abstract Reviewers are required to review a small number of abstracts (usually less than seven) and must agree to complete their reviews no later than September 30, 2009.

 To participate, please complete this form and email it to no later than July 15, 2009. We look forward to including you in these important activities and helping you to achieve your goal of getting involved and enhancing your networking opportunities.
Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
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Don't forget to mention this to your colleagues. Anyone can sign up, and even those who do not have subscriptions or do not receive the journal as an AAPB membership benefit can read the abstracts for all of the articles. Of course, members have full-text e-access via the members-only part of the AAPB website, and also receive a print copy of each issue in the mail.
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Invite your colleagues to consider submitting their original papers, too!
Welcome New Members!
We welcome the following individuals who have become new members of AAPB since February, 2009.  We're delighted to have you join the premier international society for mind-body interactions in research, health care and education.  Thank you for joining the AAPB community.   
Emilia Alonso, Somers, NY
Richard Backs, PhD, Mount Pleasant, MI
Bonny Beuret , Savannah, GA
Jennifer Bortz, Scottsdale, AZ
Doris Brevoort, LMP, Mount Vernon, WA
David Carver, PhD, Omaha, NE
Steve Chamberlin, LPC, Tulsa, OK
Margaret Chesney, PhD, Baltimore, MD
John Chong, MD, BASc, MSc, DOHS, Hamilton, ON
Chris Clark, St. Joseph, MI
Nancy Condon, RN, APO, AE
Melinda Connor, PhD, AMP, Marana, AZ
Linda Diamond, Clearwater, FL
Scott Faber, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
Ramon Fonseca, Miami, FL
Dana Frank, Cleveland Heights, OH
Susan Freeland, Ridgefield, CT
Alyssa Gary, Las Cruces, NM
Dick Genardi, PhD, Centerville, OH
Amelia Hall, Sarasota, FL
Jean Harris, Rosamond, CA
Lisa Hill, RN, Kansas City, MO
Denis Houde, PhD, DESS, ACC, Montreal, QC
Andrew Jones, PhD, Tucson, AZ
Robert Katz, Brooklyn, NY
Teri Kent, Taos, NM
Stacey Ketchman, PsyD, Fayetteville, NC
Inna Khazan, PhD, Boston, MA
Margaret Lacy, Scottsdale, AZ
Andrew Lombard, Scottsdale, AZ
Jeremy Martin, DC, Lawrenceville, GA
Guy McCormack, Columbia, MO
Jay Messina, Westfield, NJ
Susan Miller, Royal Oak, MI
Barbara Monaco, LCSW-R, Hyde Park, NY
Chet Moritz, PhD, Seattle, WA
Lonnie Nelson, PhD, Fort Carson, CO
Polly Nelson, Franklin, TN
John Octave, DD, Breckenridge, CO
Mary O'Malley, Norwalk, CT
Tiffany Patton-Barnes, LPC, Highland Village, TX
Jane Percy, Stonington, CT
Bonita Perry, MA, LPCC, Santa Fe, NM
Jaime Pineda, PhD, La Jolla, CA
Ivan Poturica, BA, Winnipeg, MB
Sajeela Ramsey, MS, PhD BCIA-EEG, Falls Church, VA
Howard Ritz, MPAS, PA-C, Saint-Albans, VT
Rustum Roy, PhD, Tempe, AZ
Masahito Sakakibara, PhD, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Anne Scott, PhD, Tucson, AZ
Todd Serby, MSW, Traverse City, MI
Tamera Siminow, Vienna, VA
Yana Sorsher, Miami, FL
Shawn Tassone, MD, Tucson, AZ
Robert Thatcher, PhD, Saint Petersburg, FL
Kathy Theiss, Harlingen, TX
Kenneth Thompson, Manassas, VA
Colonel Williams, Carlisle, PA
Steven Wininger, PhD, Bowling Green, KY
Stephen Wood, Santa Rosa, CA
Stephen Xenakis, Arlington, VA
Mabel Yiu, San Jose, CA
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