Volume 21 Issue 2 Fall 2007 


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 Letter from the President

Fall, 2007. Time flies; as I come to the last few months of serving as President of SNRS, I notice that it seems like just a short time since I was elected. At the time I ran for office, we were approaching our 20th anniversary, and my hope in serving as president was to acknowledge the wisdom that guided the organization over our first 20 years and to determine how we wanted to build on that wisdom and seek new knowledge to best position ourselves for the future.

Working to make the transition to our consolidated management firm was one of the first tasks the 2006-2008 Board undertook. Eighteen months after making that move, we are seeing improvements in every aspect of our operations. In this issue of Southern Connections, you will be able to learn more about accomplishments in the areas of awards and the Research Interest Groups. In addition, please spend a few minutes exploring the information regarding our 2008 Annual Conference, Health Disparities-Evidence into Action, to be held in Birmingham, Alabama from February 21-23. Once you see the program, I'm sure you will agree that the abstract reviewers and the Alabama Local Planning Committee (headed by Dr. Anne Turner-Henson) have done an outstanding job. In addition, our SNRS Vice-President, Cindy Russell, has provided oversight and ensured connection between our management firm and the work of both the Local Planning Committee and the SNRS Program Committee. We hope to break the attendance record that we set in San Antonio (723)!

Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!

This fall, we will be electing two new members to the Board and two new members to the Nominating Committee, as well as a President-Elect and Secretary. Please participate in the election of new officers by voting before November 2. Over the past few years, we have had a very low percentage of members who participate in the election of officers. Please take advantage of this member benefit and help contribute to the future of SNRS. The email announcement of your online ballot has arrived, please vote.

Currently on the national scene, the Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science's Abstract Submission System is open for the 2008 State of the Science Congress on Nursing Research. Abstracts may be submitted until January 15, 2008.

During the last few months of my term of office, I look forward to working with members of the Board and organization to make visible to the membership our strategic plan to promote nursing research in our region. The plan includes maximizing fiscal resources, enhancing the awards and small grants program, improving networking opportunities outside the annual meeting, engaging those across the research career lifecycle in the organization, and ensuring effective communication within the organization and among its members.

My thanks to each of you for your continued support of SNRS, and to each of the members of the SNRS Board for their dedication, commitment and hard work on behalf of the members of SNRS. It continues to be an honor and a privilege for me to serve as President of this organization.

D. Patricia Gray, RN, PhD


 From the Editor

The fall semester for academic facilities is now upon faculty members. With the return to school from the summer break, faculty members and others are gearing up to again jump into research endeavors. Classes are starting. New faculty members are trying to learn where everything is within the new world that they have joined. Seasoned faculty members are re- assessing where they are with projects and looking toward new projects.

SNRS is no different than any other group. The fall brings expectations of the Annual convention (scheduled in February). The officer and Board member election is taking place. The conference abstracts have been reviewed and notifications concerning who will be presenting at the conference have been sent. Everyone is gearing up for another busy time with lots of challenges and excitement.

Within this newsletter, we have a poem written by a graduate student who attended the convention last February. She has provided a scholarly look at the poster presentation process through the eyes of someone who is a novice to the academic world. We all need to step back at times and really look at the things we are doing. All of us get caught up in running from project to project instead of savoring the moment of the project. To stop and enjoy the experience (even when it may not be positive) is important to do as we endeavor to connect with students and peers.

This newsletter provides a look at some of the Research Interest Groups (RIGs). The Aging RIG has communicated a summary of the activities undertaken by the group over the past year. Please take a moment to become acquainted with this group. As members of SNRS, each of us needs to become increasingly aware of the work done by the different RIGs. The members of the different RIGs must challenge the group to strive for excellence in the vision for the group. Get involved with the specific RIGs that you have signed up to participate in. Become an integral member of the group. The RIGs provide you with an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues to advance the profession of nursing.

Other areas of interest within the newsletter relate to the different functions within SNRS. The February convention, this month's election, and upcoming opportunities are presented with a hope of challenging you to become increasingly involved with the group.

Carol Boswell
Editor, Southern Connections


 SNRS 2008: 22nd Conference of the Southern Nursing Research Society
 Birmingham, Alabama, February 21-23, 2008

Our next annual meeting will be held in Birmingham, Alabama February 21-23, 2008.

Join your colleagues to hear about the latest research, network and enjoy Birmingham. We have planned a full program of pre-conference workshops, papers, symposia, posters, panels, and networking sessions. The SNRS Board and the Alabama Local Planning Committee are pleased to present the program for the 22nd Annual SNRS Conference, "Health Disparities: Evidence into Action."

A few highlights...

  • Doctoral student members will be able to participate in an impressive Doctoral Student Networking and Mentoring Session on Thursday morning.
  • Dr Martha Hill will present the Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science sponsored conference keynote address, The 2002 IOM Report "Unequal Treatment: Confronting Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Healthcare"-A five (5) year follow- up.
  • Friday evening, join our Alabama Schools of Nursing colleagues at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, as we bring the conference theme alive, 'Health Disparities: Evidence into Action.'
  • Abstracts of excellence will be recognized this year via special plenary sessions on Friday and Saturday morning.
  • The program on Saturday has been expanded to include a third poster session, a plenary session and a closing session. We encourage members to take advantage of the entire conference and the networking opportunities that will be available throughout.
  • We have added networking times throughout the conference days. Join nursing leaders on Thursday at lunch, and then take advantage of the breakfast and lunchtime networking opportunities on Saturday. Box lunches will be available for purchase for networking events scheduled during lunch.
  • Three poster sessions are scheduled, again organized by Research Interest Groups.
  • We have provided two times for Research Interest Group (RIG) meetings, Thursday and Friday late afternoons. Members who participate in more than one RIG will now have an opportunity to attend up to two RIG meetings.
  • The Silent Auction will return! Last year, we raised over $3000 which funded a second dissertation research award. Consider contributing an item representing your school, institution or your local culture, to contribute to our growing SNRS Research fund.

We look forward to welcoming you to Birmingham, Alabama, a city of classic southern charm and hospitality, a city rich in civil rights history, and a city of diversity. Join your SNRS colleagues as we share our nursing research and network with each other at SNRS 2008. From the world-class Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, the Barber Motorsports Park and Museum, to unique shopping and nightlife, Birmingham has a range of resources and amenities that will impress! To assist in planning your visit, check out the Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau web site.

Anne Turner-Henson, DSN, RN
Chair, Local Planning Committee

Cynthia Russell, PhD, RN
Vice President, SNRS

Annual Conference Information 

 SNRS Small Grant Award:
 Charlene Krueger, ARNP, PhD

Heart Rate Variability and Learning in the Preterm

The purpose of this study is to investigate the beneficial impact of exposure to maternal voice on learning (detection of a cardiac orienting response) and normative changes in heart rate variability (HRV) in the 28-to-34 week old preterm infant. Funding will be used to enroll additional subjects to an existing study to achieve adequate power to detect statistical significance. In addition to completed subjects, an additional twenty subjects will be sampled by convenience. Subjects will be randomly assigned to 1 of 2 groups. From the 28th to the 34th post-menstrual week, Group 1 infants will listen to a CH recording of their mothers reciting a rhyme. Group 2 will receive standard NICU care from the 28th to the 34th post-menstrual week, and then begin listening to the CD recording until their 34th week. Seven test sessions will be performed from birth (28 weeks of age) until the 34th post-menstrual week. Heart rate and HRV will be recorded each week. Heart rate will be used to detect a cardiac orienting response or small heart rate deceleration in response to presentation of the nursery rhyme and HRV will be analyzed using spectral analysis.

MaryLou Behnke, MD and Hans vanOostrom, PhD


 RIGs Update
 Jennifer Wenzel RIGs Chair

Since the last SNRS meeting in Galveston, the SNRS RIGs have been busy highlighting researcher accomplishments in their respective areas. The Education RIG, led by Chair Carol Boswell (Texas Technical University HSC) and Co-chair Ellen Buckner (UAB) are in the final stages of preparing the first RIG-sponsored SOJNR issue, expected this fall. Health Promotion Chair Sheila Davis (University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing) has been leading efforts to review manuscripts for the next planned RIG-sponsored SOJNR issue to be published in February. Response to the SOJNR special calls has been high, and we look forward to featuring RIG researchers as the SOJNR moves to a new focus on RIG-sponsored issues.

The work of the Parent-Child RIG, led by Chair Anne Turner-Henson (UAB) is also featured in a special RIG-sponsored symposium, a concept successfully implemented for the first time in Galveston at the 2007 meeting. Future RIG-sponsored symposia are planned.

Finally, the Qualitative RIG, led by Chair Nancey France (Murray State University) and new Co-chair Noreen Esposito (UNC-CH), has been working to put together a Qualitative Pre-Conference to build on the success of their successful RIG-sponsored symposium at the 2007 meeting.


 Aging/Gerontology Research Activities
 Eileen Rossen, Chair; Leanne Lefler, Co-chair

Our membership reported a variety of research topics related to issues of aging that include Alzheimer's disease, cancer, caregiving, chronic illness, COPD, heart failure, and late-life relocation. Specifically, Dr. Catherine Cole has a funded K23 award for a study entitled "The Effect of Sleep Fragmentation on Attention in Persons with Alzheimer's Disease." Also, Dr. Elaine Amella has R15 NINR funding for a study of meals at home for persons with late stage dementia. Dr. Amella has also submitted an R21 for a formative study of tube feeding versus hand feeding for persons with late stage dementia. Dr. Geri Bennett reported that she has pending funding for a study related to prostate cancer. Bill Buron reported he has received a Hartford Predoctoral Scholarship (2006-2008) for "Preserving Personhood in Long Term Care Residents Living with Dementia." Dr. Marie-Louise Friedemann has funding related to "Culture, Family Patterns, and Caregiver Resource Use. Dr. Diana Pierini reported that she too is working on caregiver research. Dr. Georgia Narsavage reported SON funding for her research on COPD Readmission. Dr. Leanne Lefler has received pilot funding from a P20 Center (NINR Tailored Biobehavioral Intervention Research Center) for her work "Medication Adherence in Older Women with Heart Disease." Dr. Eileen Rossen reported funding for development of an instrument "Self- Efficacy Relocation Scale."

In addition to sharing research interests and topics, the members set goals that included developing yearly awards for recognition of Aging RIG members (e.g., beginning researcher, senior scientist), networking, sponsoring an issue of the Southern Journal of Nursing Research, and planning for a symposium. Our annual meeting was sponsored by the Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.


 Parent-Child RIG
 Anne Turner-Henson, RIG Chair

Hello from the Parent-Child RIG. Our enthusiastic group has a large number of members, 215 nurse scientists engaged and working to improve the health and lives of children, adolescents, parents and families. Under the leadership of Dr Marti Rice, our RIG will sponsor the symposium, "Methodological Issues and Challenges in Conducting Research with Mothers, Fathers, Children, Adolescents and Families". Come hear nurse scientists from the Parent-Child RIG as we discuss methodological issues such as fathers in research, recruitment and retention, human development, assent, and community participatory research at the upcoming SNRS 2008 Annual Conference in Birmingham, Alabama.

In Birmingham our RIG will be giving the first student poster award in honor of Dr. Marge Miles. Dr. Miles has made many significant contributions not only to SNRS, but has provided great leadership in maternal child health research. We as a RIG are pleased to sponsor this student poster award that provides a small monetary award along with the certificate. Come celebrate the leadership of Dr Miles as we present this first student poster award in her honor.

We look forward to increasing our membership. If you are new to SNRS and interested in joining the Parent- Child RIG, feel free to email Dr. Turner-Henson turnhena@uab.edu or Angela Green GreenAngelaL@uams.edu for more information. We look forward to seeing each of you in Birmingham for SNRS 2008.


 Nursing Administration RIG
 Ruby Morrison, Chair; Lynne Nemeth Co-chair

The Nursing Administration RIG has 127 members. The SNRS Board of Directors encouraged RIGS to develop activities that would encourage senior researchers to attend and share their expertise with the full membership. The Nursing Administration RIG plans to present a symposium at a future convention and would encourage members to submit suggestions for collaborative projects to either of the co-chairs, Dr. Lynne Nemeth nemethl@musc.edu or Dr. Ruby Morrison rmorriso@bama.ua.edu for immediate or long-term RIG activity. Please make your plans to attend the 2008 Conference in Birmingham for networking with, learning from, and encouraging each other.


 Thought Builders
 Kristina Ibitayo, RN, MSN

Froth tipped waves heralding,
Fog tumbling in,
Caravan of dreamers,
They are coming,
Rolling, just rolling.

Conference attendees,
Paths crisscrossing,
Congested highways,
Rolling, just rolling,
They are coming.

Over bridges to nowhere,
Islands alone,
Solo silos,
Independent dreamers,
Thought builders,
No crowd followers,
Rolling, just rolling.

Researchers strolling,
Views airing,
Gathering they glean,
Visages gleam,
Rolling, just rolling.

Exploring possibilities,
Conceptual links,
Partnerships form,
New maps
To horizons unformed,
Rolling, just rolling,
They are here.

By Kristina Ibitayo, RN, MSN
UTA PhD Nursing Student




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