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Spring 2010



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From the President

Marti RiceState of the Organization


What an exciting and challenging time to assume the Presidency of the Southern Nursing Research Society!  I am honored to be serving in this capacity with such a vibrant, involved membership and a strong, committed Board.  Together, I hope that we can build on the foundations of the past 25 years of this organization to move us forward.

The 24th Annual Conference held in Austin, Texas, February 3-6th was a very successful meeting which afforded attendees the opportunity to see and hear reports of exciting research being conducted in the Southern Region and beyond.  The planning and the implementation of the Annual Conference is the work of many people.  I would particularly like to thank the local planning committee chaired by Dr. Sharon Horner from the University of Texas for the many hours that she and her committee put into this effort.  In addition, I would like to thank Dr. Anne Turner-Henson, the Vice President of SNRS, and the Program committee and the staff of the management company for the efforts that were committed to this endeavor. Without the efforts of these individuals and many others, the Annual Conference would not be possible.

The Annual Conference is also the time when incoming members of the Board assume their responsibilities and outgoing members of the Board bid goodbye.  Outgoing members of the Board who put in countless hours in service to the organization and who deserve our thanks are Mona Shattell, outgoing Secretary, Mary Walker, outgoing Director of Development, and last but certainly not least, Elaine Amella, outgoing President.  Our organization has benefited immensely from their service and I am grateful to each for their time and commitment.  

If you attended the 2010 Annual Conference and the Business Meeting, you are aware that the Society has been affected by the economic downturn.  The Board of Directors continues to monitor the budget to ensure fiscal solvency. In another part of this newsletter, Dr. Demetrius Porche, Treasurer, reports on the state of our finances and measures that have been taken to ensure the fiscal health of the Society. One of the measures suggested at the Annual Conference was the appointment of a Task Force to examine our journal, the Southern Online Journal of Nursing Research.  This Task Force will examine the purpose, intended audience, direction, feasibility and costs of continuing SOJNR.  The Task Force will report findings to the Board by July 15th.

Another new, exciting development is the establishment of the Student Network, to engage the student members of the organization, provide feedback to the Board and committees, and develop future leaders, not only of SNRS, but as leaders in the discipline of nursing. This highly motivated group, co-chaired by Ms. Jeannie Rodriquez ( and Ms. Britt Pados, met for the first time at the 2010 Annual Conference and is moving ahead with organizing themselves and developing a mission statement and goals.  The Secretary of the Student Network is Ms. Kristin Barbee and Chair Elect is Ms. Connie Cephus. Members of the Student Network serve on a number of committees including Communications, Program, Membership, Bylaws/Policies and Procedures, Development, and Finance. 

SNRS will be celebrating its 25th anniversary next year beginning with the Annual Meeting in Jacksonville, FL, February 16th-19th, 2011.  Plans are underway to celebrate this event with a gala, recognition of Founders and Past Presidents, and other special events and sessions.  Make plans now to attend the Annual Meeting to celebrate with all of us. 


Marti Rice, PhD, RN



Treasurer's Report


Demetrius PorcheShow Me the Money


The Southern Nursing Research Society Finance Committee plans to continue to closely monitor the society's financial status. Our committee will be analyzing the discussion that occurred during the Reference Hearing meeting at the Annual Conference. This information will be utilized in future budget planning and recommendations proposed to the SNRS Board of Directors. I am pleased to introduce our Finance Committee members for the upcoming year: Marti Rice, Patty Gray, Mary Walker, Ptlene Minick, and Janet Foster.
At the present time, we are continuing to analyze the 2010 Annual Meeting expenses and revenue. The majority of the 2010 Annual Meeting expenses will be reflected on the April financial statements; however, the preliminary projections are positive. At this time, the preliminary projections indicate a potential profit on the 2010 Annual meeting. As of January, the actualized income was $197,762 and the actualized expenses were $179,978. Please be reminded that all expenses from the annual conference have not been realized to date. The actual income and expenses with the expected profit from our 2010 Annual Meeting will be provided in my next report to the membership. However, this is very good news at this time.
In the big picture, our total assets are $408,696 which is down from last year's total assets at this time of $413,161. This reduction is primarily due to reductions in our investment accounts. We are continuing to closely monitor our investment accounts' productivity. Our net income year-to-date is $211,671 compared to $181,733 last year at this time. This potential increase is attributed to the increased income from our 2010 Annual Meeting that had a strong conference registration. The total direct and general expense year-to-date is $40,199 which comprises 13% of the annual budget at this time.

Demetrius Porche, DNS, PhD, APRN, FAANP, FAAN




Turning the Pages

In February 2010, Judith Lewis, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC, FAAN announced her resignation as the editor of the Southern Online Journal of Nursing Research (SOJNR) at the 2010 Annual SNRS Conference in Austin, Texas. During her tenure as editor of SOJNR, the publication flourished and was referred to as a "jewel in the crown of SNRS" by past president, Elaine Amella, PhD, RN, FAAN.  A task force has been formed to examine the future direction of SOJNR, feasibility and costs of continuing SOJNR, as well as reviewing the purpose and intended audience for the journal. The report will be presented to the SNRS Board of Directors on July 15, 2010. Until that time, the Board is committed to publishing editions through 2011. After much searching, an interim director was found, Dr. Elaine Marshall of Georgia Southern University. We will learn more about her in our next Southern Connections newsletter. Research Interest Groups guest editors have been secured for topical areas in upcoming editions.
Upcoming special edition topics include: parent-child (guest editor: Pam Shiao), psychometrics (guest editor: Ruth Tappen), and minority health (guest editor: Maren Coffman).  Manuscripts are encouraged and information on deadlines, manuscript and submission guidelines can be found at: 
Melissa Aselage, MSN, RN, FNP-BC
2009-2011 John A. Hartford Foundation BAGNC Scholar
SOJNR Student Representative, SNRS Communications Committee




Save the Date!

Jacksonville Photo

25th Anniversary SNRS Annual Conference


February 16-19, 2011, Jacksonville, FL

Abstracts are now being accepted for the 2011 conference; view the guidelines through the links below.



Submit Your Abstract




Student Wins Big at 24th Annual Conference

 Maren Coffman, PhD, UNCC

The winner of the Minority Health RIG student poster award at the 24th annual conference was Elizabeth Ann Davis Lee. The winner was announced at the Minority Health RIG meeting and Ms. Lee was awarded a certificate and monetary prize.
Ms. Lee is a first year PhD student at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis. She has experience working with children in public health, newborn nursery, pediatric, and emergency settings. She currently works as a nurse educator at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, and volunteers as an APN at a free clinic. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau, the National League for Nursing, and is a Cardiac Care Associate with the American College of Cardiology.
For her project, Ms. Lee worked as a co-investigator with Dr. Patricia Cowan's NIH-funded research project, Markers of Cardiovascular Risk in African-American Adolescents. The goal of the project was to compare cardiac risk factors in overweight and normal weight African-American (AA) adolescents 11 to 19 years of age with measures of adiponectin and endothelial inflammation and thrombotic markers, including intercellular cell adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1), plasminogen activator inhibitor-1(PAI-1), and E-selectin.
As expected, blood pressure was lower and protective adiponectin was higher in normal weight children. Unexpected findings were higher levels of ICAM-1, PAI-1, and E-selectin in normal weight AA adolescents, indicating they still may be at higher risk for development of diabetes and cardiovascular events despite the lack of obesity. Further study is needed to explore the presence of first degree relatives with diabetes or other genetic factors that may contribute to higher levels of these biomarkers of endothelial dysfunction.




Community and Public Health Outreach


Community Health RIG Members,
Betsy and I wanted to personally extend a welcome to all returning and new members of the Community and Public Health Research Interest Group within SNRS.  We would also like to extend invitations to interested researchers, students, and academicians from other areas of practice, so if you know of anyone interested, direct them to either Betsy or me. This research group is committed to supporting relevant community-based research aimed at informing nursing science, practice, education and policy. As the mission of the RIG is to support other nurses in their endeavors to enhance community and public health research and nursing, we welcome suggestions, ideas, and thoughts from each of you as we move towards our goal of promoting this interest group.  
As the mission of this RIG is to support relevant research, one area that we feel needs to be addressed is student support for achievement in research. It is the thought that this could be accomplished through the development of a student "award" for excellence in research. It is my understanding that this topic was discussed at the recent SNRS RIG meeting and that having a prize for the best community- or public health-based poster would be an ideal way to acknowledge students' excellent work. We think that providing the student with a monetary prize is an excellent way to introduce this RIG to students, promote the mission of the RIG, and promote the RIG in general. We would like to offer a $500 prize to one student who demonstrates excellence in community and public health nursing research.  However, to do this we need your help. If anyone has ideas or suggestions for establishing this award to be given annually, please share them with us.
As chair and chair-elect, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank Janice Collins- McNeil and Laura Hein for their leadership over the past year. The RIG-sponsored symposium was well received and attended. Their work to make sure that this RIG was profiled at SNRS in Austin is greatly appreciated. Betsy and I look forward to working with each of you this year and another great SRNS meeting in Jacksonville in 2011!


Sarah Kelly, PhD, RN                                    Elizabeth (Betsy) Thomas, PhD, MPH, RNC
University of NC-Greensboro                    Texas Tech Health Sciences Center
Chair                                                              Chair-elect                        




ACHNE Conference


Betsy and Sarah would like to know if anyone is going to be attending the ACHNE Conference in June. If you know you are going to be there or if there is a possibility that you will be attending the conference, please email Betsy Thomas at, particularly if you are interested in getting together.



Elizabeth (Betsy) Thomas, PhD, MPH, RNC
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center
Chair-elect, Community & Public Health RIG




Doctoral Student Corner


Greetings from the SNRS Student Network. My name is Jeannie Rodriguez and I am  co-chairing the SNRS student network this year with Britt Pados. At the annual  conference for SNRS in February, the student members were approached by the  Board about forming a more formal student group within SNRS. A meeting was  held with the student members present and officers were elected. Along with  Britt and myself, Connie Cephus was elected as chair-elect and Kristen Barbee  was elected as secretary.

The name SNRS student network was selected for the  group. After the conference, the Board indicated that the SNRS Student Network  would be considered a special committee within SNRS.  Britt and I began working on a mission statement and strategic goals for the  SNRS Student Network.  

We heard the students at the annual conference say that we as students need  more networking opportunities. SNRS had recently decided to move discussion  postings from the student page on the SNRS website to Facebook. If you have a  Facebook account, please consider becoming a fan of SNRS. Once you are a fan,  you can access the SNRS page through Facebook. There you will find a blog and  discussion postings to join or an opportunity to create more discussion  postings. I have already received feedback from many of you that you have been  actively discouraged from joining Facebook by your employers. Please know that  we are working on other opportunities for discussions within the student  network for those not on Facebook. Thank you for your patience concerning this  matter. 

The student network also expressed an interest in educational opportunities  for student members of SNRS. We would like to take this opportunity to  solicit your ideas for topics that would be relevant to you. Some suggestions  have included how to put together a CV, finding out what deans are looking for  in an applicant for a faculty position, etc. The Board has expressed an  interest in providing webinars for members, but we are also looking for  conference ideas specific to students as well.  Please know that as your representatives, we are eager to hear from you. We  would like this to be a group that engages students in research and gives  students the opportunity to learn from seasoned researchers as well as each  other. We all look forward to working with you this year. 


Doctoral Student Newsflash!

We have a new blog for SNRS doctoral students. Find it here:Student Network Blog




Common Interests?

Joy Bailey

NINR Funding Announcements
Two Requests for Applications (RFA) on the NINR web site caught our eye. The first is for promoting diversity in research (RFA OD-10-013, released 3/5/2010 and due 5/5/2010, the other for translational research (RFA RM10-001) released 1/26/2010 and closes 10/15/2010. Links are available through the NINR web site.
SNRS has links to funding organizations on its website.  Check out the doctoral student's link.  Many of them are listed there.  Make sure you look for application deadlines and eligibility and give yourself ample time to submit your application.  
ANA Doctor of Nursing Practice Position Statement
The ANA has released a new position statement on the doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degree.  They recommend that the DNP be "recognized as a terminal practice degree to prepare nurses for the complex clinical practice environment."  By the time we go to press it will have been too late for you to comment; however, please follow this link to read what has been released. 


Call for Announcements
Do you or any of your colleagues have something to be proud of?  Let us know about awards, special appointments, publications etc. and we will announce it in our quarterly newsletter.  Let your colleagues know what you are doing!  E-mail: