Volume 26 Issue No. 1

Spring 2012



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Doctoral Student Awards


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Donna Scott Tilley, Chair


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Denise Linton, Editor 


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Elaine Marshall, Interim Editor  

Editor's Note - Denise Linton, DNS, FNP-BC

I am an assistant professor at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I am passionate about health promotion, disease prevention, and women's health and my area of research is cervical cancer prevention. I am humbled by this wonderful opportunity to serve among such accomplished colleagues. My goal is to network with the chairperson of each committee in order to disseminate information about the groups and committees of our organization. So, as springtime signifies new beginnings, I too begin my journey with you. 


I would like to thank the Board of Directors for electing me to the position of editor for the SNRS Southern Connections Newsletter. I would like to say a special thank you to Dr. Anne Stiles who informed me of the Board's decision, Dr. Donna Scott-Tilley who introduced me to the Board members, Dr. Kathy Richards who agreed to be my associate editor, and Lenora Smith, former Southern Connections editor. Thank you to doctoral candidates, Lana Brown and Rebecca Parnell for volunteering to be the student representatives on the newsletter subcommittee and the individuals who responded to my emails regarding submissions for my first edition.


President's Pen - Patricia B Crane, PhD, RN, FAHA   

Consumer versus Committed


I am excited and honored to be writing my first column as President for SNRS Southern Connections. This newsletter is important to keep you 'connected' and committed to SNRS. The board and I are very excited about the continued growth and direction of SNRS. We begin our year at the end of the second largest conference in our history with over 750 attendees (we are still trying to beat Birmingham's record). This year's conference was bitter sweet because it was held in New Orleans. For those who were not able to attend, President Marti Rice noted that we were not able to have our conference in New Orleans in February 2006 after Katrina hit and devastated this beautiful city (and many of our sister states). Coming back to the Crescent City was a joy and the host school did a wonderful job of making us feel welcomed. Special thanks to Yvonne Sterling and our Vice President Ann Turner-Henson. The conference theme was Nurse Scientists as Crucial Partners to Health Delivery. Dr. Marion Broome presented a keynote address that challenged us to unite to provide research to facilitate and enhance the health of the nation. This topic was timely as the board is embarking on developing a new strategic plan to guide our organization to be crucial partners in health. The presentations at the conference, poster and podium, were excellent and represented a wide variety of specialties. The Planning Committee for our next conference in Little Rock is already working hard on the 2013 Annual Conference and the call for abstracts has been posted.


At the end of the conference, we honored Dr. Marti Rice our immediate past President, Dr. Anne Stiles and Dr. Elizabeth Reifsnider who served SNRS in pivotal roles. Dr. Rice has a passion for SNRS and will continue to serve as the chair of the Succession Planning and Nominations Committee. Her mentorship to those on the board is her strong legacy. Under her leadership, the organization grew and became financially stable. Dr. Stiles also left the role of Board Member as Member-At-Large, Director of Communications. Her leadership in updating our logo and website moved our organization to a strong presence in technological venues and enhanced communication. She will continue as a member of the Communications Committee. Dr. Elizabeth Reifsnider left the position of Secretary but was elected to another board position. We welcomed new board members as well as those who were elected to continue in their roles or serve in new roles: Dr. Cindy Munro, President-Elect, Dr. Leanne Lefler, Secretary; Dr. Donna Scott-Tilley, Member-at-Large, Director of Communications, Dr. Elizabeth Reifsnider, Member-at-Large, Director of Grants, and Dr. Nan Smith-Blair, Member-at Large, Director of Development.


Christina (Tina) Pettey assumed the position as Chair of the Student Network. This is such an important position as it links our doctoral student members to service in the organization. Students are a third of our membership and provide the next generation of leaders for SNRS. You will be hearing more about this group and their important contribution to SNRS. Be sure to join their LinkedIn site if you want to connect.


This next year will focus on finalizing the strategic plan and implementing strategies to continue to grow the organization to meet the needs of the membership. An e-blast was sent in late March for volunteers in the organization. I heard a person on the radio state, "Are you a consumer or a committed member." While this speaker was not talking about SNRS, I could not help but think about the application of this statement. As the board continues to represent you and meet the mission of SNRS, you also must decide if you are just a 'consumer' of the organization or if you want to be 'committed' to the mission and strategic goals of the future!

New Board Member

Director of Communications Committee - Donna Scott Tilley, PhD, RN, CNE

Demetrius Porche

I have been employed at Texas Woman's University in the College of Nursing for the past four years. Before that I was a Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing for most of my career.  I am really happy to be elected to the SNRS Board and to serve this fine organization. 


Per the bylaws, the Communications Committee is composed of the chairperson and four members of the general membership, one student member, the outgoing chairperson, and three ex-officio members: the editor and managing editor of SOJNR, and the editor of the Southern Connections Newsletter. Dr. Anne Stiles will serve as the outgoing chairperson member. Please take a moment to thank Anne for her wonderful service to this committee. Denise Linton was unanimously chosen to be the Southern Connections Newsletter Editor by the Board at this year's annual conference; thank you Denise for your willingness to do this important work. Other members are Janice Anderson, Joy Bailey, Alison Montpetit, and Cherri Shireman.


SOJNR is currently inactive.  We expect to hear fairly soon about the status of proposals for partnerships in publishing SOJNR.  Thus, we do not have editor and managing editor members at this time.


New Role: Secretary - Leanne L. Lefler, PhD, ACNS-BC, APN

Demetrius Porche

Meet Leanne L. Lefler, PhD, ACNS-BC, APN, from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Nursing. Dr. Lefler is our newly elected secretary for the SNRS Board with a term from 2012-2014. Duties of this position are to help provide administrative leadership with a specific focus on our bylaws, policies, and procedures.


Dr. Lefler has worked for SNRS in many capacities as a committee member for the nomination and communication teams and as past Chair of the Aging Research Interest Group. She has been presenting her research at SNRS since 2004, focusing on the prevention and early treatment of coronary heart disease (CHD) in older adults. Dr. Lefler's newly funded NIH grant is a randomized control trial that is aimed at determining the feasibility and outcomes of a clinic-based tailored intervention to promote physical activity into the daily life of older, sedentary women. 


Continuing Role: Treasurer - Demetrius Porche, DNS, PhD, APRN, FAANP, FAAN

Demetrius Porche

Treasurer's Report   


As of February 2012, our YTD income received was $74,735, which is 83% of the budgeted amount of $90,000. Total YTD expenses were $242,113 which is 73% of the proposed $333,455 budgeted amount. The major expenses for the 2012 annual conference have been paid.

At this time, our surplus from the annual conference is $73,810. Our total assets are currently $505,322 which are up from last year at $375,364 due to our increase in conference registration, dues increase, and increase in investment fund balance. Our net YTD income is $131,211 compared to $81,507 last year.


2012 Research Award Recipients

Demetrius PorcheThe 2012 recipient of the SNRS Leadership in Research Award is Margaret Miles, PhD, RN, Retired. The Leadership in Research Award is to recognize outstanding leadership, contribution, or promotion of nursing and health care research. This award is bestowed by the SNRS Board of Directors.








Demetrius PorcheThe 2012 recipient of the SNRS Distinguished Researcher Award is Debra K. Moser, DNSc, RN, FAAN, Professor and Gill Chair of Cardiovascular Nursing, University of Kentucky. The purpose of the SNRS Distinguished Researcher Award is to recognize the contribution of an individual whose established program of research has enhanced the science and practice of nursing in the Southern region.





Demetrius PorcheThe 2012 recipient of the SNRS/John A. Hartford Foundation Geriatric Research Award is Tracie Culp Harrison, PhD, RN CS, FNP, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, The University of Texas at Austin. The purpose of the SNRS/John A. Hartford Foundation Geriatric Research Award is to recognize the contributions of an individual whose established program of research has  enhanced the science and practice of geriatric nursing in the Southern region.




Demetrius PorcheThe 2012 recipient of the SNRS Award for Research in Minority Health is Jeanne-Marie R. Stacciarini, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, University of Florida. The purpose of the SNRS Award for Research in Minority Health is to recognize the contributions of an individual or group conducting and/or promoting research that has significance for improving the health care of minorities and other under-represented groups in the Southern region.





2012 Grants and Dissertation Awards


Demetrius PorcheThe 2011 STTI/SNRS Research Grant Award recipient was Jeanne B. Jenkins, PhD, MBA, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.







 Demetrius Porche



Yui Matsuda, Virginia Commonwealth University, was the recipient of the 2011 CANS/SNRS Nursing Science Advancement Dissertation Grant Award. The title of her dissertation was, Predictors of Communication and Sexual Decision Making among Latino Couples.






Demetrius PorcheThe 2011 SNRS Research Grant Award was presented to Mary Cazzell, PhD, RN, for her research, Identifying Neural Correlates of Risky Decision-Making in Older Adults: A Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) Study.


 Research Interest Group Corner - Donna Felber Neff, PhD, RN

Demetrius PorcheThis is the beginning of my second year as the Director of the Research Interest Groups (RIGs). I am finally "working out the bugs" of this position and I am looking forward to an exciting 2012. The RIGs have a long history in this organization and have been redesigned as the needs of the membership change. My goal is to work as a team with the RIGs chairs to improve communication among their membership. 


I am an Associate Professor at the University of Florida College of Nursing.  My research focus is nurse workforce issues (nurse and patient outcomes). I have had consistent funding, both intra and extra mural, for over 10 years and I am just completing a 3-year K01 Mentored Research Scientist Award from NINR. I have been a member of SNRS for 7 years and I continue my involvement because SNRS supports new and creative ideas and mentors both students and mid-career scientists.  It is also a nationally recognized forum to disseminate our research.  Please contact me if you would like to talk about your ideas, concerns or comment.


Health System and Health Policy Research Interest Group


What is Health Services and Health Policy Research and Why is it important?


Patricia A. Patrician, PhD, RN, FAAN and Marianne Baernholdt, PhD, MPH, RN


In 2010 a new research interest group (RIG) with a focus on Health Systems and Policy was formed. The group is for anyone interested in topics related to how systems and policy influence health care. Some of the disciplines that are commonly associated with health services research (HSR) are nursing, allied health, medicine, sociology, political science, informatics, management, and administration. Health services research answers questions about health care systems and populations of patients to determine (1) treatments that work best for a given population and the cost of such treatments, (2) factors that are associated with health system failures, for example, mortality and complications, and (3) factors that influence quality of life for select patient populations.


Health services researchers use quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methodology and observational, quasi-experimental, natural experiments and experimental study designs. The level of analysis can vary from individual (patient or provider), institution and system, population, or multiple levels (nested designs). And, existing data source, such as administrative data (Medicare claims data), clinical records (chart audits), vital statistics (birth and death records) and others (American Hospital Association, census data, and national surveys).


Methodological issues common to HSR include: adjustments for factors expected to influence the outcome, such as propensity scores (matching), instrumental variables, and risk adjustment for severity of illness. Missing data and rare events are other analytic considerations. Data mining, cost analyses, and multilevel modeling are some analytic techniques used in this field. Outcomes research and quality improvement research are subsumed within HSR, as are the fields of informatics and administrative systems research.


We encourage you to join the HS/HP RIG and learn more.



SNRS 27th Annual Conference 2013: LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas

"Expanding Networks of Knowledge for Healthcare Innovations" is the theme for the 27th annual research conference of our organization. The Planning Committee is busy with the SNRS Conference program, devoted to advancing nursing science and supporting our current and future nurse researchers in the South. The online abstract system will be opening May 1 through June 11 for submissions and students will submit beginning September 15. Stay tuned for program details about our 27th Annual Conference--we hope to keep you updated in our newsletters and via our SNRS website.


We look forward to welcoming you to LITTLE ROCK! 

-Leanne Lefler


Doctoral Student Corner

New Chair Student Network - Christina Pettey, PhD (c), MNSc, FNP-BC, APN


Hello! My name is Christina (Tina) Pettey and I am the new chair of the SNRS student network. I am truly honored to represent the student membership of SNRS and look forward to working with everyone this year. Connie Cephus is the outgoing SNRS student network chair but will still be helping quite a bit; thank you, Connie, and Kristen Barbee, our secretary. Several candidates for chair-elect have stepped forward so please watch for the ballot and cast your vote; it will be e-mailed soon.


Many students have asked for educational and networking opportunities to help hone specific skills. In the past SNRS has offered pre and post-conferences for students and they have been a great success. Recent topics included writing for publication and networking sessions. We would like to continue to offer educational opportunities for students at the annual conference and through other avenues. Please send us your ideas for topics that are relevant to you. We want to offer topics pertinent to the student membership. Suggestions include grant writing, developing a CV, and tips for job applications. Possible frameworks for educational sessions include pre and post-conference workshops and webinars.


We have several opportunities for networking available to the student and professional membership. We encourage seasoned researchers and students to use these avenues for communication to increase the possibilities for mentorship and growth. Opportunities for networking include: Linked in: Linkedin.com, SNRS blog:http://snrsblog.blogspot.com/,and Facebook: become a fan of SNRS. Let us hear from you!


 Doctoral Student Volunteers: Southern Connections


Lana Brown, PhD(c), RN-BC


I am currently a doctoral student at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). My expected graduation is May 2013. My dissertation topic is Tobacco Cessation in Older Adults. My Master's degree (MNSc) is in Nursing Administration. I currently manage a 24 bed Intensive Care Unit at UAMS.







Rebecca B. Parnell, PhD(c), ACNS-BC


I am a doctoral student at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). I graduated from UAMS with a MNSc, Clinical Nurse Specialist track with a minor in Administration and my BSN and BS in psychology from Elmhurst College. I am employed at Southern Arkansas University as an assistant professor and the BSN Program Director. My research interest is student failure and success in a BSN program.



Doctoral Student Poster Award Recipients 

1st Place Student Poster:
Jennifer Sanner, University of Texas Health Sciences Center, Houston


 2nd Place Student Poster:
Viktoria Melnyk, University of Kentucky




3rd Place Student Poster:
Renee Burk, University of Tennessee