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Volume 27 Issue No. 1

Spring 2013



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Editor's Note - Denise Linton, DNS, FNP-BC

Denise Linton, DNS, FNP-BC

The Southern Nursing Research Society comprises nurturing, caring leaders, and humble scientists, at various levels, who are willing to mentor and whom one can emulate. My involvement in SNRS was timely because I have been asking myself, how do I teach, publish, develop my program of research, and disseminate my findings? SNRS provided me with answers and I am proceeding confidently. I applied for a 2013 Summer Research Award in Fall 2012. I received the Award! As I attended sessions and networked with colleagues at the Annual Conference my subsequent steps became evident. I will keep you informed of my progress during my second year as editor of Southern Connections.


President's Pen - Patricia B Crane, PhD, RN, FAHA   

Patricia B Crane, PhD, RN, FAHA

State of the Society


This has been an exciting year for the Southern Nursing Research Society! When this issue is published, we will have concluded our 27th Annual Conference! One of the most significant events this year is the partnership of the Southern Nursing Research Society and the journal Research in Nursing and Health. This partnership will enhance our mission: to advance nursing research in the Society's region. In addition, it will provide a venue for the dissemination of some of the important work of SNRS members to the broader professional community.


Our society continues to be strong with over 1200 members, approximately 28% of whom are student members. Our Student Network is strong and active under the leadership of Ms. Tina Pettey. She has been working with Dr. Leanne Lefler (Secretary on the Board of Directors) to formalize policy and procedures for the actions of this group. The students are active members of our organization and have representatives on most of our committees. They offered a pre-conference workshop targeted to students in a doctoral program. The Board of Directors believes that the Student Network is foundational for succession planning within the Society.


Dr. Marti Rice led the Succession Planning and Nominations Committee in presenting an exeptional slate of candidates for the election this year. The ballot was strong and diverse in regional representation. This group has already begun their work associated with the Fall 2013 ballot!


We completed this year in solid financial position. Under the direction of Dr. Demetrius Porche, the finance committee monitored our budget and is proposing policies related to investments. As per our Society's policy, we had an extensive audit this year with no recommendations forthcoming from the accounting firm. Further, we were able to add to our investments as indicated in communications with our membership. The financial records of the Society are available in the Members Only section on our website (


As we continue the work outlined in our strategic plan, the Board studied the book Race for Relevance. This book details how effective organizations must focus their resources and understand their membership. Dr. Cindy Munro led the Board in their study of this book which helped the Board refine the direction of the Society to meet our mission. A pivotal part of this endeavor was a membership survey which was conducted under the leadership of Dr. Deborah Jones. We are pleased to report that the membership indicates satisfaction with the Society. The vast majority (N=206) of those responding were from academic institutions and are educators or researchers (85%) and identified themselves as senior (18%), mid-career (17%), early career (23%), or new researcher (17%), or student (21%). Services not currently offered that the membership indicated they desired included mentoring and online education or webinars with CEU offerings. Only 15% of the respondents indicated that they had applied for a SNRS grant or co-sponsored grant! There were other important pieces of information gathered from the survey that is being used by the Board to lead the organization. Thank you to all who participated by completing the survey!


Networking is one of the most desired activities noted by our membership. Our Research Interest Groups (RIGs) provide a structure for networking. Dr. Donna Neff and chairs have worked to stream-line these groups to facilitate mentoring, connections, and communication in the RIG areas. The work of the chairs of our RIGs is pivotal in helping to meet the needs of the membership.


Another Board endeavor is that we agreed to increase the dollar amounts of our current grant awards. We increased the student dissertation award to $5000 and the Research Grant Award to $7500. We also engaged our partners to help provide for this growth. CANS supported a grant for 2013, and STTI increased their contribution to equal the Society's to offer the $5000 award. The amount of the American Nurses Foundation/SNRS grant is up to $7500. As a Board, we recognize the increasing costs associated with research and the challenging funding environment that currently affects all nursing researchers. We are diligently working to enhance funding support for our members. One major mechanism for this is through the growth of our foundation. At the annual conference we kicked off a two-year campaign to grow our foundation. Our goal is to endow a fund in the foundation so that financial support for research in our Society is sustainable and consistent. Dr. Nan Smith Blair is leading this endeavor; the campaign is known as SNR$: Support Nursing Research Fund and it started during our Annual Conference with the Every Member Campaign. We encouraged all attendees at the Annual Conference to participate in this campaign! Every contribution, both large and small, is needed to support this campaign. We encourage all members to consider leading in forming a legacy for nursing research by contributing to this fund.


Another important endeavor for this year was the establishment of a Mid-Career Researcher Award. The awards committee developed the criteria for this award and will be working on developing three more awards this upcoming year: New Investigator, Clinical Researcher, and the RINAH best research article award. Dr. Robin Bartlett and her committee continue to identify our scientists who deserve recognition in the award categories. Another major job of this committee is to judge the student poster awards! The first level of scoring occurs at the abstract level. From this scoring, the top 10% are identified. The authors of the top 10% of the student poster abstracts are invited to present their posters at a discussion session at the annual meeting. Based on the posters and the discussions, the best student posters are identified and their authors are recognized at the business meeting.


Last, but not least, as our organization has grown, we recognize that communication is central to accomplishing all our work. Dr. Donna Scott-Tilley provides excellent leadership in maintaining our website and working with our newsletter, Southern Connections, and she will be responsible for maintaining communication in RINAH to the membership. A pivotal member of her committee is Dr. Denise Linton who has done an amazing job as the editor of Southern Connections. If you have missed the newsletter, you can find the archives on the SNRS website. 


Ben Franklin said "When you are finished changing, you're finished."   As an organization we are embracing the changes occurring in our region and are welcoming the challenges of the future. We will be examining and implementing strategies to meet our mission using technology. We will continue to evaluate the memberships' 'return on investment' and work diligently to meet the needs of our membership. A significant part of our focus in the near future will be on establishing clinical partnerships to enhance nursing research. Our exiting Board members leave a strong foundation while the new Board members bring new expertise and energy. As we embrace change to meet our mission, the Board plans to be intentional in its work and 'lean into the hill.' I speak for the Board and the Resource Center in saying that it is a privilege to work with our Society.

Research in Nursing & Health Journal

Research in Nursing & Health Journal



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Denise Polit, PhD, FAAN, Humanalysis, Inc.; Griffith University

Karen Schumacher, PhD, RN, University of Nebraska Medical Center

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Sally Thorne, PhD, RN, University of British Columbia

Sandra Ward, PhD, RN, University of Wisconsin - Madison


Research Interest Group Corner - New Director, Sheila P. Davis, PhD, RN, FAAN

Hooked on SNRS


Sheila P. Davis, PhD, RN, FAAN

My most memorable SNRS conferences attended were when I took most of our PhD students at The University of Mississippi Medical Center, where I served as the Assistant Dean for the PhD program, to conventions in Memphis and Austin. I still remember the impact these experiences had on them in terms of igniting their research. They recounted story after story of their recent acquaintances and the inspiration they received from fellow students, the validity of their research ideas, the particulars of the PhD journey, and the assurances that they would be successful. Other events that punctuate my affiliation with SNRS include my service as chair of the Health Promotion RIG (Research Interest Group) for a number of years. In this capacity, I served as guest editor of SOJORN and facilitated an issue which reflected research of our RIG.  Another year, our RIG was awarded a symposium. We had fun!  


As Director at Large of the Research Interest Groups, I recognize this role comes with tremendous challenges and opportunities. Grateful for the groundwork done by my predecessors, I hope to build upon that work. We reside in the Stroke Belt, Diabetes Belt, and Obesity Belt of the nation. My belief is that if we can solve the health issues here, we will inform the world! SNRS is that research entity that has the capacity to impact these health crises. To me, the heart of the work resides within our RIGS. To the extent that the RIGS organize and push, publish, and disseminate their research, then SNRS will be become the 'go to' for the latest in nursing research. Hence, my goals for this first year are to generate and disseminate additional research and have each RIG work toward one initiative that will result in the recruitment of members.


Director of Awards: Robin Bartlett, PhD, RN 

Robin Bartlett, PhD, RN, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

In the coming year or two we will announce some new awards - Clinical Researcher, Early Science or New Investigator, and RINAH best article of the year award by an SNRS member. Oh, and be thinking about who you might nominate for any of our established awards in the coming year. Go to the SNRS website to view all of them at We look forward to receiving your nominations!


I was so pleased to announce the award recipients at the annual conference in Little Rock in February. The awards committee worked very hard to review the excellent nominees for all the awards this year. Special thanks go to the awards committee members including Drs. Lenora Campbell, Vicki Hines-Martin, Carolyn Cagle, Marsha Bennett, Angela Green, Ann E. Rogers, Constance Visovsky, Sharon Dormire, Susan Frazier, Sandra Bibb, Martha Engelke, and Annette Wysocki. In addition to the regular committee members, we were assisted in the student poster judging by Drs. Leslie Davis, Debra Wallace, Inez Tuck, Kathy Ellison, Sharon Lock and Patty Gray. It takes many great individuals to establish new awards and review all the nominees each year. THANK YOU to all of these volunteers for their expertise and time spent in awards activities this year.






2013 Award Recipients

The 2013 recipient of the SNRS Distinguished Researcher Award isJoAnne M. Youngblut, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor at Florida International University, College of Nursing & Health Sciences. The purpose of the SNRS Distinguished Researcher Award is to recognize the contribution of an individual whose established program of research has enhanced the science and practice of nursing in the Southern region.






The 2013 recipient of the SNRS Award for Research in Minority Health is Sharon A. Brown, PhD, RN, FAAN, Associate Dean for Research at The University of Texas at Austin, School of Nursing. The purpose of the SNRS Award for Research in Minority Health is to recognize the contributions of an individual or group conducting and/or promoting research that has significance for improving the health care of minorities and other under-represented groups in the Southern region.







The 2013 recipient of the SNRS Mid-Career Researcher Award is Linda H. Yoder, RN, MBA, PhD, AOCN, FAAN, Associate Professor of Nursing and Director of the Graduate Program in Nursing Administration and Healthcare Systems Management at The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing. The purpose of the Mid-Career Award is to recognize the contribution of a member whose scholarly work influences outcomes in nursing practice, nursing education, health policy, or population health. The Mid-Career Award honors a member dedicated to mentoring the development of that scholarly work in the next generation of nurse scholars in the SNRS region.





The 2013 recipient of the SNRS D. Jean Wood Nursing Scholarship Award is Charles A. Downs, PhD, ACNP-BC. The purpose of the D. Jean Wood Nursing Scholarship Award is to recognize the contributions of a researcher who has enhanced the science and practice of nursing in the Southern region. The award is named in honor of the first SNRS President, D. Jean Wood.


Research Grants and Dissertation Awards 


The 2012 CANS/SNRS Dissertation Grant Award recipient was Jeanne Murphy, MSN, CNM, The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, for Differentiating Physical Discipline from Abuse: A Comparison of Chinese American Mothers and Mandated Nurse Reporters of Abuse.


Grace Wing Ka Ho, The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, was the recipient of the 2012 SNRS Dissertation Grant Award. The title of her dissertation was, Differentiating Physical Discipline from Abuse: A Comparison of Chinese American Mothers and Mandated Nurse Reporters of Abuse.


The 2012 SNRS Research Grant Award was presented to Denise Maguire, PhD, RN, CNL for her research, Interaction between Infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Their Mothers.


Doctoral Student Corner - Sharon T Johnson, MSN, RN, FCN, PhD student


Learning, Sharing, and Growing at SNRS


Sharon T Johnson, MSN, RN, FCN, PhD student at the University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing in Arlington, Texas

I must say this year I had a fantastic time, at the Annual Conference, networking with other nurse scientists and former colleagues, learning about innovative research strategies, and most of all advancing my knowledge in nursing research. I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with a nurse scientist that I have cited many times! We discussed the theoretical framework that I wanted to use in my dissertation and funding for my research, physical activity in African American women. And, she shared her current research with me and the innovative methodology that she was using, gave me her contact information, and committed to following up with me regarding a contact person for research funding. The information that I gathered that day was invaluable and will definitely help me throughout my doctoral journey and even thereafter. I must say I will never forget our conversation, but mostly I will remember how she helped me! After our discussion, I realized this opportunity was made possible because I attended this conference. We have exchanged emails since the conference and the incredible thing is that she has already provided me the information that she promised! I appreciate her for her commitment to a growing novice and standing by her words. She is very busy with her many commitments but she took the time to assist me. 


This is what SNRS is all about nurses helping nurses. Whether it is developing a sound research plan, conducting research, or learning new research strategies...nurses of the Southern Region help each other. As a "student nurse scientist," I know that acquiring "new" knowledge is imperative to scholarship and professional growth. This conference provides attendees with many educational experiences and opportunities. I have attended SNRS conferences in the past, but this was my first time attending as a doctoral student. I attended the student poster sessions and benefited from the discussion format that allowed the students to share their research and respond to questions from the attendees in a question and answer session. I can honestly say this was a wonderful conference and I am looking forward to attending next year. See you in San Antonio!


Poster Award Recipients 

1st Place - Kristin Filler, "Comparing fatigue scores across localized radiation treatment modalities for non-metastatic prostate cancer" - NINR, Virginia Commonwealth University








2nd Place - Caroline Kennedy, "The role of fish oil supplementation in postnatal depression" - Emory University (photo not available)


3rd Place - Marian Baxter, " 'Being certain': Moral distress in critical care nurses" - Virginia Commonwealth University