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Thank you for visiting our site and using our BCIA certified practitioner search function. The best results will be obtained by using ONLY the state criteria.

After each provider is a designation specific to their certification.
BCB: professionals certified in general biofeedback covering all modalities such as SEMG, Thermal, GSR, HRV, and an overview of neurofeedback.
BCN: professionals certified in neurofeedback or EEG Biofeedback.
BCB-PMD: professionals certified to use SEMG biofeedback to treat elimination disorders including incontinence, and pelvic pain.

If you are a professional applying for any of the BCIA certification programs, you may use this directory to find a mentor to provide your clinical biofeedback training hours. Any BCIA certified professional may be eligible to provide this training; however not all have asked to be on this list. Start first with this list and if you don't find someone to work with, go back to the practitioner search above.
*Since distance learning is not only permitted, but encouraged, you may work with any certified provider, regardless of geography.

Please read the FAQs to learn more about selecting a mentor.

To view a list of all BCIA Board Certified professionals, please click on the Submit Query button without any other criteria.

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