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Individuals listed here have noted by self-attest that they meet the following criteria. They must:

  1. be a full (rather than associate) member of AAPB
  2. provide clinical biofeedback services
  3. agree to work within the rules and regulations of their profession
  4. agree to abide by the laws of their state
  5. when working with medical or psychological diagnoses, carry appropriate licensure or if unlicensed, agree to work under appropriate supervision
  6. be appropriately trained to offer the specific biofeedback modality they provide and to work the client base they serve
  7. agree to abide by the AAPB ethical principles and have no substantiated ethical judgments against them by AAPB

Instructions: You may search for a Provider with any of the search combinations below, using either Submit Query button. If you are not sure of the full name of someone or something you may type in partial information. You may enter information into one search field or as many search fields as you want. If you enter multiple options within a search field, you will get everyone in all options, NOT the people that are only in the options selected. (Example: Search option Profession: choice: Counseling; second choice: Psychology. Results will include providers that are only in Counseling, only in Psychology and that are in both Counseling and Psychology.)

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You can get listed in the directory by:

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  • Purchasing one from the store any time (you must be a member and logged in to use this option)

Disclaimer: This listing of biofeedback/applied psychophysiology providers is provided as a public service because it is difficult to locate biofeedback providers offering interventions for particular disorders. AAPB (the group which has this web site) is an open membership organization. Anybody can join. Therefore AAPB knows nothing about nor does it certify the competence of any of its members to provide biofeedback services. Any full members (usually somebody with a professional degree) who have not been cited by AAPB for ethical violations, and, in the case of clinicians, are licensed or certified by their state to provide services can place an advertisement in the classified section of this web site. Thus, AAPB disclaims any knowledge of any individual’s claims and has no control over nor responsibility for the accuracy of listings in its provider directory. Please see the “find a provider” page of this web site for information about biofeedback providers and their expected qualifications. Providers who are certified by BCIA are listed as such.

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