16 - CSE/COPE Joint Session: The Life of a Retraction


There is potential for a variety of challenges during the life of a retraction. Retractions are often derived from the results of an institutional investigation, but the process is often a mystery to journal editors. How can editors work better with institutions in order to get the information they need to publish informative retractions? Once editors have this information, what do the current guidelines say about the best practices for issuing a retraction? How do editors balance the interests of various stakeholders throughout this process? Then, how are these retractions indexed in the literature so that readers and scientists know that the paper has been retracted and the information is invalid? How are our current practices deficient? What is in store for the future? Can we learn from other professions in how they correct their literature? Join a member of an institutional integrity committee, a COPE council member, a publisher, and others to answer these questions and more.

Learning Objectives:

Heather Goodell, Director, Scientific PublishingAmerican Heart Association

Who Should Attend:

  • Managing Editor/Publisher
  • Editor in Chief

    Date: 5/5/2013

    Time: 4:15 PM to 5:45 PM