AAPB Board of Directors

AAPB Board of Directors
The membership elects the board of directors and delegates to the board responsibility for AAPB operations. The activities of all AAPB officers, committees, and representatives are subject to the ultimate authority of the board. All important questions of policy and all requests for expenditure of AAPB funds require approval by the board, either by specific action or by the annual budgeting mechanism.

Total Members:  9

Last Name First Name Role Or Section Company Phone
Newman Jan Board Member Jan Newman, MD (406) 258-6284
Benore Ethan Board Member Cleveland Clinic (216) 448-6668
Collura Thomas President-Elect BrainMaster Technologies, Inc. (216) 347-0422
Cunningham Michelle Associate Director AAPB (303) 422-8436
Kerson Cynthia Board Member Saybrook University, APEd (415) 485-1342
Sella Gabriel Board Member G.E. Sella MD, Inc. (740) 633-4485
Shaffer Fredric Board Member Truman State University (660) 349-9522
Steffen Patrick Board Member Brigham Young University (801) 422-7757

* Note: Some roles may not be viewable online.